Tanner Fink

Tanner first fell in love with bread in his home town of Missoula, Montana while working for his favorite bakery. After moving across the country to be near family, he found himself missing the taste of good bread. He saw the need for good bread in his community and he decided to do something about it. Tanner fed a sourdough mother that he brought with him from Montana and began to bake bread for his family and friends. That same sourdough mother would become part of Verdant Bread’s primary source of fermentation. Tanner is always excited to share moments with people, whether that be over a meal, on the river fly fishing, or spending time with his wife Mai and daughter Hollin.

Ryan Faircloth

Ryan loves being a baker, but what really butters his bread is business. Always eyeing the life of an entrepreneur, Ryan has worked multiple startup projects before co-founding Verdant.  He is obsessed with both quality and value, believing they can not only coexist but they must be co-dependent.  Ryan sees food as an often overlooked socio-economic divider and is committed instead to making bread a vehicle for change.  In his eyes, Verdant’s success will not be measured by sales or accolades but by the accessibility of quality goods in our communities. He is native to The Old North State, cooks his pork in vinegar, and knows that everything tastes better with some Duke’s Mayonnaise.

Jaymin “Jaymin Amarillo” McAffrey

Jaymin loves most things in life, but what he truly loves most are food and people. He believes that food and people have a mutual relationship; if one is good the other will return the favor. Growing up in Amarillo, TX, he learned that there is a quality of life that comes from hard work and a supportive community. He comes from a family of makers and people who work with their hands, and he was drawn to bread because of its need to be worked with. Some of his favorite memories are of his Great Grandma Clock’s bread that she would bake for the family. Fermentation peaked his interest as he became more knowledgeable about food. After focusing on sourdough, he fell in love with its complexity as well as its simplicity. Verdant became a way to share this love with his community.